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In this section you will find various pictures detailing the Monsters, Inc. Factory Tour attraction. In order to portray the scale of the show building containing the ride as well as an overview of its layout, I created an overhead blueprint of sorts. To give a more realistic depiction of the scale of the building, I superimposed the computer-generated building into Tomorrowland photographs in place of the existing building. The new attraction takes the place of the building formerly housing the Tomorrowland Skyway station. You'll find these sets of pictures in the Building section of this page.
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I also created a detailed storyboard to visually show the flow of the ride, especially concentrating on how the story will be revealed to guests. You may flip through this storyboard one image at a time by selecting the Storyboard section. You should also visit the Video section of this site to discover a moving, guided tour of the building, depicting much of the same imagery as the storyboards.

Further details are featured in the Other section of the pictures. These include descriptions and depictions of the post-show activities found after riding the Monsters, Inc. Factory Tour and a description of the only character in the ride not found in the movie (the only character I created myself), Harold.