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About this Attraction
     The Monsters, Inc. Factory Tour originated upon me seeing the Monsters, Inc. movie in the theater when it came out. As soon as I finished viewing the film, I knew it had to be made into an attraction. Soon after, I began seeing Mike and Sulley appear at the Disney-MGM Studios, first at a meet-and-greet and then in the Disney Stars and Motor Cars parade. I hoped that an attraction would follow, but never heard anything. When I discovered the ImagiNations contest, I knew it would be a great opportunity to bring this attraction I had in my head to life.

     While the Disney-MGM Studios seems like an appropriate place for the attraction at first, I ultimately chose the Magic Kingdom’s Tomorrowland for a number of reasons. First and foremost, Tomorrowland is the land of creatures from all over the universe. If interplanetary beings like Skippy can reside there, why not monsters? Second, Tomorrowland is in need of a great big beautiful tomorrow, beginning with a brand new E-ticket attraction. The Timekeeper and Carousel of Progress are only open seasonally, leaving the huge land with less to offer. Finally, the former Skyway building deserves a worthy replacement. The Skyway has been gone for years now and should be replaced by something more than simply using the building as a restroom facility. Overall, the addition of the Monsters, Inc. Factory Tour would not only bring more life to Tomorrowland, but bring more character as well.

     Beyond this message, you will find three very different sections detailing my attraction. First, the Documentation section bundles together four separate documents, each providing details about the new Walt Disney World attraction, the Monsters, Inc. Factory Tour. The first document is a memo from James P. Sullivan, better known as Sulley, addressed to all members of the new Monsters, Inc. Laugh Staff, informing them of the past and future changes at the company. The second is a two-page story treatment describing the new attraction. The third document is the Monsters, Inc. Factory Tour show script, focusing on character dialogue. The final document details all technical aspects of the show, including its crowd dynamics, ride system, and audio-animatronics.

     While these documents tell the story of and give technical details about the ride, the actual look and feel of the ride can be experienced through the Video and Pictures sections of this web site. The Video section contains a 3-minute computer-generated guided tour of the show building, from the start to finish. The Pictures section contains all material I submitted to WDI on posterboards, including storyboards, photo superimpositions, and blueprints.

I hope you enjoy the Monsters, Inc. Factory Tour attraction
as much as I have enjoyed creating it.

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