based in Orlando, Ricky Brigante has years of photography, video, and writing experience, always active in capturing unique, intriguing, and highly entertaining moments.

this portfolio showcases some of Ricky's best and most recent work covering news and special events.


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fantasy. oddity. unusual. extreme. out of the box. off the beaten path. the extraordinary outside the ordinary.

Ricky Brigante ignores the mundane to focus on the surprising and once-in-a-lifetime experiences whenever they arise. these moments are the ones worth capturing. worth remembering. worth living for.

founded more than 15 years ago, distant creations is a portfolio of Ricky's passions and talents: photography, videography, and writing. with a heavy focus on themed entertainment, special events, and unusual character portraits, Ricky uses his experience behind the camera and keyboard to freeze time and capture the world's precious fleeting moments.

whether covering an event, hired for a personal portrait, or simply entertaining himself, Ricky is devoted to every detail in each project he takes on, aiming to engage his audience with captivating results.

Ricky's work has been seen on some of the most popular web sites including Fox News, Yahoo!, MSN, AOL, Entertainment Weekly, Huffington Post, Boing Boing, Gizmodo, reddit, /Film, io9, Orlando Sentinel, LA Times, Perez Hilton, and more.

rates / session details.

interested in hiring Ricky Brigante for photography, videography, or writing?
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• cosplay? something spooky? unique location? special event? definitely in.
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how's it work? simple. after arranging a time and place, Ricky will arrive with equipment in hand, ready to photograph/film you, your event, or whatever is required.

if it's a personal use, Ricky may be interested in helping out for free. if you're looking for coverage and publicity for an exciting event, Ricky will likely offer his services at no charge. but if you're in need of photos, video, or writing for a commercial use, then there's definitely a cost for utilizing Ricky's time and talents.

Ricky will entertain any idea for a shoot. the more unusual the better.

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