Tron arcade machine acquired, needs a little help

Got a Tron arcade machine. Awesome:

But it needs a little help and I don’t know how to fix it.

Problem #1: When I turn it on, it sometimes works, sometimes does this…

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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutagen Ooze

Tonight I discovered the secret of the ooze. Went Toys R Us hopping and found these awesome new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles collectibles. Then I noticed each one comes with a little turtle inside the gooey ooze. Then Michelle said all four turtles are likely represented in different packages. But which one has which? They’re not noted on the packages. Fortunately, there are little codes on the bottom of each canister: NN2317A, NN2317B, NN2317C, and NN2317D – one per character. Score.

After fishing the turtles out of each one, I’m left with four canisters of ooze which are begging to be illuminated somehow.

I also realized that by touching the mutagen, I very well may find myself mutated in the near future. In the TMNT universe, humans tend to mutate into the most recent animal they touched before coming into contact with the ooze. So Michelle and I will soon be cat-people.

I am also wondering… why do these little not-yet-mutated turtles have headbands and weapons already?

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New ‘Evil Dead’ remake red band trailer is here – and it’s bloody awesome

It may not have Bruce Campbell, but it looks like the new “Evil Dead” remake might just be good. Watch, if you’re over 18 (or can pretend you are)… or “share your scare” by recording your reaction while you watch.


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Scary Little Ugly Guys

My complete collection of S.L.U.G. Zombies is killer. Series 1-4 + Christmas. Fun(ny) stuff.

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Hello, 2013. Hello, me.

Welcome to a new year. An opportunity to start fresh.

My last post here was nearly a year ago. Following daily posts in 2010 documenting my every move, I took a step back from this blog last year – once again. This virtual space has certainly seen its share of ideas over the years. But now, in 2013, I think I am finally finding a form that I can stick with – none whatsoever.

What I’ve realized is that in running a business and covering theme park events, I’ve lost my personal voice. I am not just a small business owner. I am not just a Disney fan. But in years leading up to this moment, especially in 2011, I have largely set aside anything else that makes me who I am in an effort to concentrate largely on those two parts of my life. But indeed they are just parts of the whole and I now aim to spend more time on the rest.

So there is no longer a topic here. (Was there ever?) No format. No point, really. Just a place for me to write, whenever I feel like it. Today I introduce, yet again, the new “distant creations,” a home for – whatever. When I feel like sharing something, it’ll be here. Or on Facebook. Or Twitter. Or a combination thereof.

See you around soon. Maybe.

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